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Zaha Hadid's, Under Construction, Chengdu Science Fiction Museum Will Host Worldcon 2023

The world’s largest science fiction event Worldcon will take place in the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Under construction, the 59,000 sq. m venue that will host the 81st annual World Science Fiction Convention and the Hugo Awards, is set to become a vibrant center of innovation and gathering place for the “leading incubator of science fiction writing in China”. In fact, the city of Chengdu, home to over 20 million residents, is transforming into an important global center of scientific innovation and research.

Located on Jingrong Lake within the Science & Innovation New City of Chengdu’s Pidu District, the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum incorporates maximum flexibility to host a variety of exhibitions, conferences, and events. Integrated within its natural and unique context, the museum “appears to float above the surface of the lake”. Actually, its fluid design, developed through digital modeling analysis, ensures efficiencies in composition, site conditions, solar irradiation, and structure, meeting the 3 Star standards of China’s Green Building Program. Moreover, natural hybrid ventilation, photovoltaics embedded within its canopy, and the design and dimensions of its roof contribute to the museum’s sustainable and efficient nature.

Including exhibition galleries, theatres, conference halls, and supporting ancillary spaces, the museum generates nodes of activity. Connected to the infrastructure of the city, the project creates a path that alternates between indoor and outdoor spaces at multiple levels, linked to the museum’s exhibition galleries, educational facilities, cafes, and other amenities. The surrounding terrain is planted with native shrubberies, and the landscape design allows the collection and storage of rainwater for natural filtration and reuse.

Written by ;Christele Harrouk /ArchDaily

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