• Furniture – Chairs, benches, sofas, tables, gardropes, etc.

  • Workplace- Furniture and accessories.

  • Decorative İtems- Ornamentation, posters, stained glass decorative objects.

  • Box, silverware, ceramic, art glass, wall decoration, objects

  • Home Fabrics- Homewear, towels, throws, blankets, upholstery fabrics. Curtains, bed linens, bath linens, cusions, pillows.

  • Lighting- Outdoor and indoor lightings, led systems, wireless systems.

  • Communication systems, sound systems.

  • Kitchen & Bathroom- Any kind of kitchen & bath accessories and equipments.

  • Kids - Kids room designers, furniture, objects

  • Outdoor- Gardening equipments and furniture, tents, fabrics, lawn chairs etc.

  • Wall painting producers.

  • Wet area productions; Ceramic tiles, armature brands, mirror and etc.

  • Floor Coverings.

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