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Founded in 2000 capitalizing on the experience of Tosunoğulları Inc. dating back to 1980, Bürotime performs world-class productions in manufacturing technology with its modernization works, eco- friendly infrastructure and sustainable environmental policy.





OTTAN develops, designs and produces aesthetic and durable building materials for the interior, product design, lighting and furniture industries by further recycling green waste such as fruit and vegetable pulp, peanut shells and fallen leaves.


Bio-composite materials designed for a sustainable future with the circular economy model can be used as an alternative to various materials such as wood, stone or plastic. It carries nature to our living spaces with the materials they designed while preserving the colors and textures of nature and makes productions without consuming nature.

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Elips Tasarım Mimarlık olarak hayatın içinde başka dünyalara pencereler açmak, her yolculuğumuzda birilerinin yaşamında unutulmaz dokunuşlar yapmak amacıyla 1999’da harekete geçtik. Birçok projeye imzamızı atarken hayallerin gerçeğe dönüşünü izledik ve bugün deneyimlerimizi bizimle birlikte aynı hayali kuran insanlarla paylaşıyoruz.


Firma kurucumuz Y.Mimar Feza Ökten Koca, Elips Tasarım Mimarlık’ı kurduktan sonra iç mimari ve uygulama işlerine ağırlık vermeye başladı. Kendini, kimi zaman bir bina tasarımı yaparken kimi zaman da bir sandalye tasarımı yaparken buluyordu. Ürün tasarımlarını da FEZA markası altında topladı ve 2021’de ilk satış noktasını Addres Istanbul bünyesinde son kullanıcı ile buluşturdu.



DAY Studio is a multidisciplinary design and consultancy office founded by Doğanberk Demir and Yeşim Eröktem in 2015 following their masters degree at ECAL. The studio works on various fields from furniture and lighting to textile design, table-top accessories to industrial products and packaging design.


DAY works with local and international companies including Habitat, Frette, Flormar, Gaia&Gino and Chivas next to their own brand AVLU, a collection focused on local manufacturing techniques, creating dialogue between design and İstanbul's rich crafts culture. Yeşim and Doğanberk fuses their cultural sensibility with a contemporary approach to create simple and functional objects. 



As a self-taught designer with a background as a carpenter and an artisan, Adnan Serbest is unique among contemporary Turkish designers.


Over the past twenty years, he has singularly pursued his own interests in carpentry and furniture making as a craftsman/artisan, leading to the formation of his signature design idiom that fuses design with a constructive aesthetic.


Making great efforts to integrate his practical skills with a broader awareness of the history of modern furniture design, Serbest’s design for furniture apply a straightforward use of materials such as wood and steel into elemental structures with basic, abstract geometries of orthogonal and acute angles. 

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Our brand which took its inspiration from the layers of geography in which we were born, Laodikeia, ancient city fascinates with its glory, started its journey in 2006. History, culture and art; mastery of experience met the opportunities of technology in Laodikeia. From different types of marble to travertine; from limestone to onyx; the mysterious World and layers of natural stone, the uniqueness of each stone has become our passion.

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