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Formeta Design is Istanbul-based design studio which provides industrial design service and consultancy. Studio creates production-oriented design strategies that integrate latest technologies with its team’s innovative approach. Aiming to create design projects that are beyond the age, works with the vision that moving its services forward with all projects by renewing itself and its goals. 

The journey of the company began in 2012 as Mertadam Design, As a natural result of growing team, diversity and vision, the firm changed its name as Formeta Design in 2020 with its new motto “for future, for metamorphosis” in order to represent its designs on the international platform.





Derin, which was established in 1971, continues to create its modern furniture collection under the partnership of Haldun Kilit and Derin Sarıyer.Derin furniture collection is developed for all kinds of creative spaces in the office environment and private homes.Derin has gone on to become a highly respected manufacturer from Istanbul with an international reputation for its unique simplicity.

Derin promotes natural longevity in both design and production processes. From the choice of materials to what adhesives are used, transportation and energy consumption, Derin applies an environmental strategy at every aspect. Derin is contemporary, design-oriented, pure, honest, reliable and consistent.

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Molenore is an Istanbul-based design studio founded in 2016. We aim to contribute to societal values and ideas through our reflective products. Adopting a contemporary lifestyle, Molenore strives for environmentalist, memorable and iconic products.


The main purpose of our product series, which is named as ‘Nomen Oblitum’, is to draw attention to gender discrimination which is still ongoing against women in our daily lives. The first step we followed is to define our inspirational women figures carefully and examine their whole life, thoughts and stories to be able to reflect them into our products. Our products were designed to honor their existence who had to deal with so many difficulties in their lives, and increase awareness of their stories and thoughts



Vida İstanbul, modern design furnitures, was founded by Esen Es in 2010. Vida İstanbul gets your attention not just by its modern design and functionality but also with its colors and lines as well as its meticulous production.


Laborious and creative details of craftsman work fuses with high technology to offer a modern and elegant line of furniture to your scrutiny. A wide variety of colors and materials personalizes each piece. Our set destination is to earn the epithet for Vida İstanbul globally.



We believe that meaningful design is that which follows nature’s cue: creating elegant solutions of beauty and intelligence from each challenge. Design affects our lives. At Demirden | ilio we consider it our task to turn design into a truly meaningful experience, where people are inspired, touched and helped by the creative idea.Founded in 1994, we are a multidisciplinary team bringing a mix of design talents and approaches to each project and design challenge. Our team provides total design solutions, seamlessly across different platforms, including graphic, product, retail and exhibition design. 

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